Sunday, May 1, 2011

Obese Obese Obese

Obesity. Its a disease which is growing and growing all around the world. There are tons of reasons how this has becoming a problem to humanity. And the most dangerous thing is, the kids are the majority of the obese group in the world. What has happened?!

Among the main reasons this is because :-

1. Kids have Video Games! Well this cant be stopped of course coz SONY, MICROSOFT and NINTENDO want their money! And kids with peer pressure from their friends who already have the consoles would definitely make their sad puupy faces to their parents asking for a PS3! And then, that kid would end up sitting on a couch playing GOD OF WAR rather than climbing trees, or playing kites or running at the park.

From sitting on a couch, imagining themselves as Mario, their hands would easily be available to grab a munch of pringles or even those salty mcdonalds french fries. Plus, they dont even break a sweat!

2. Next , parents show bad examples. This is a major cause. As most of parents are likely to work late and come back late at night, they would leave their kids to their maids etc. And these maids arent in control when theyre left alone in the kid. The kid could easily snatch a bag of twisties and sit in their room watching what the things they watch!

And when the parents have no time to think about their kid's helath, they just do the simplest thing ever to fill their bellies. Sit, Press, Order, Eat. Yes fast food delivery is the simplest thing to ease your hunger. And you know how bad are those fast foods right? If you dont know, go search on youtube. There are some gross videos you should watch.

Plus, these kids will be brought up this way and will live on with this habit. And definitely it leads to obesity and diseases that may cause death.

3. The food served at school. This is not a major cause because children do not always consume these food rather than the food at home. But they a major role as it may affect the children's performance in school. A heavy meal may make the kid to be lazy and sleepy and class. Therefore, canteens in school should be supervised to prevent this from happening.

In Malaysia, the government has done a good initiative by recording children's BMI in their report cards. Although it may sound funny, haha. Can you imagine your mom screaming " Hoi! Why'd you get an F in your BMI! " HAHAHA. But it can actually help the kids' future.

So, everyone should be aware of this phenomenon happening in our world now. It may seem small, but imagine if it continues on and on and on. Thanks for reading.

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