Sunday, April 17, 2011

On The Bus

Well it was a fine day like usual. Going to college and back to college.. Then on the way back from college on the bus, something happened. I was there as typical listening to music, angel and airwaves etc. When i was doozing out the window, suddenly a little chinese boy poked me in the back.

"abang, ini bus pergi damansara jaya ka?"

" emm yes"

"oooh betul eh? Saya rasa jalan mcm salah je"

Amboi budak ni, mcm die pulak power bab jalan2 ni. So then i answered

" emm yes "

Btw, that certain boy made me remember the video which was actually a commercial done by the late Allahyarhamah Yasmin Ahmad. U know, the one with that little schoolgirl and the chinese boy.

Yeah thats the video. So this boy, was on his way to damansara jaya, wearing his school shirt and his short school pants with no one with him. He was alone. I thought he was with his mother or brother or something. You know small kids arent supposed to be wandering around. It made me curious to ask him.

" Dik , U pergi damansara jaya kenapa? "

" I want to meet someone special "

" oooooh okay " -____-

Lagi la tambah sama dgn the boy in the video. Hahahaa
So this kid was on his own on the bus going to meet his girlfriend? WTH! He is like 11!
Of course on the bus , i acted liked it was sweet bla bla bla.

" Jam berapa abang? "

" Jam? "

" The time. "

Boy, u should just speak english with me man.

" Pukul 1.20 "

"oh ok"

Later on, we reached DJ. It was sizziling hot outside and i couldnt imagine anyone would want to stand in the sun. The kid went down the bus, but i stayed in for a while because my stop was just infront.

And i saw that kid, talking to the taxi driver maybe telling him directions and stuff. Man, that kid is a survivor! As the moved on, the kid was in the taxi already. Then i thought, this kid must be crazily in love with this girl. That girl should know what he's gone through. Now thats what you call love. :)