Monday, May 16, 2011


Well, its been a while since you've left us. The day you left us, it was confusing. And i never had the chance to say goodbye. I knew right then, that youre never coming back. All those laughs, tears and joy that we had are now just memories that cant be repeated ever again.

It was sahur, cant quite remember what I had. After sahur. i looked up my phone saw a few miss calls and quite wondered why would these guys call me in the morning. But as soon as i was lay down, ajim called. And as i seen ajim calling, there was something terribled happened. And somehow I knew it was going to be you. I had that sense on what was ajim going to say as soon i pick up his call. And it was what i felt. It was you.

I can still remember that every single night I would come down the stairs, shouting your name nak ajak pegi prep. Then we would walk to class. And during these walks, we talk on a lot of things, thats when we shared every single thing about us. And i remembered once, I was back texting with my ex and you knew all about it. And you were the first one to know. You kept teasing me on and on. And that day as we walked to class, just by the edit room..

"Weh camne kau leh tau lak ha?"

"Macam mana la aku x tau, aku best friend kau kot. "

Although this may seem a simple thing to be said, but to me it was a meaningful thing. And that is the memory that i will treasure forever.

And this one movie, "Lords Of Dogtown". I cant even count how times we repeated watching this movie over and over again. You loved that movie. And that final song, Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here made me wished that you would still be here watching the movie again and again. You taught me how to appreciate every single part of my life even the ridiculous parts.

Youve taught me a lot of things in life. The most important one is having a stand in what you believe in. Its ridiculous to see how you love everything that you love. Your girl, your mom, your friends and family, your music, your ipod, your skateboard, your macbeths and tons of things that you love to do. Although some didnt agree with you on whatever stuff you do, you didnt give up hearing what people say. You had your own stand. You kept on doing what you love to do. And the way how you kept holding onto it is just so incredible. And thats what Ive missed so much about you.

If only I could turn back time, I would take the chance to hug you tight and never let go. And appreciate you more that I did. If only. But, all i could think of is you jumping around smiling saying that things will be alright. Youre very good at that. Happying things up when things are sad and moody. You made people smile :')

Allah has his ways. What he does, there is always a better side of it. Al Fatihah.

Dude, you're my lifetime brother.


  1. al fatihah. i know that i don't know arwah at all but are, i am very certain that he's happy to see how all of you have grown to be better men since he left you guys :')

  2. I understand when u say, even the simplest things he said makes it so deep:') Nobody can replace him.

    Al fatihah.

  3. I really missed the part when we watched The Lovely Bones together before cleaning the edit room :'(