Thursday, May 5, 2011

Grow Up

You must have heard kids or teens talking or posting about how their life sucks right? This are usually the ones who are called as 'emo' and stuff. They keep telling about how sucky and shitty their life is, talking bad about their parents, cursing on the teachers etc. Well eventhough some of the teens really do have problems that may cause them stress in life, but in my point of view, most of them who talk in publicly, e.g in facebook, are ones who just wants to be in the "in" group. You know, the cool group. Its like in their minds, they think that realising how awful their life is makes them one of the cool teenagers on TV.

This is what TV has done to teenagers nowadays. Showing what a teenager should do and stuff. Screaming at your parents, ditching your studies and not being responsble for what they do. Teens now tends to follow all these bad habits and do it because of what they think is cool. You can see that our schools now in Malaysia are now more influenced to the culturesin TV with the exception of the subjects being taught in English because its a good thing to the kids. And most people are complaining on this problem rather than focusing on the bad influences.

Back to the "MY LIFE SUCKS" teens who haven't seen the rest of the world yet and are just started to bloom. These kids need to know that your problems are not that bad compared to others. Have a principle in your life that there will be always more unlucky than you are and there is always someone more powerful than you are. The list goes on and on. So dont beat up on yourself. Rather than telling the whole world about your problem, just try to be calm and appreciate the life that you have. I am not trying to judgemental, but just want these kids to realise that life's a piece of paper. Do everything you can on it to make it colourful and interesting.