Monday, May 16, 2011


Well, its been a while since you've left us. The day you left us, it was confusing. And i never had the chance to say goodbye. I knew right then, that youre never coming back. All those laughs, tears and joy that we had are now just memories that cant be repeated ever again.

It was sahur, cant quite remember what I had. After sahur. i looked up my phone saw a few miss calls and quite wondered why would these guys call me in the morning. But as soon as i was lay down, ajim called. And as i seen ajim calling, there was something terribled happened. And somehow I knew it was going to be you. I had that sense on what was ajim going to say as soon i pick up his call. And it was what i felt. It was you.

I can still remember that every single night I would come down the stairs, shouting your name nak ajak pegi prep. Then we would walk to class. And during these walks, we talk on a lot of things, thats when we shared every single thing about us. And i remembered once, I was back texting with my ex and you knew all about it. And you were the first one to know. You kept teasing me on and on. And that day as we walked to class, just by the edit room..

"Weh camne kau leh tau lak ha?"

"Macam mana la aku x tau, aku best friend kau kot. "

Although this may seem a simple thing to be said, but to me it was a meaningful thing. And that is the memory that i will treasure forever.

And this one movie, "Lords Of Dogtown". I cant even count how times we repeated watching this movie over and over again. You loved that movie. And that final song, Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here made me wished that you would still be here watching the movie again and again. You taught me how to appreciate every single part of my life even the ridiculous parts.

Youve taught me a lot of things in life. The most important one is having a stand in what you believe in. Its ridiculous to see how you love everything that you love. Your girl, your mom, your friends and family, your music, your ipod, your skateboard, your macbeths and tons of things that you love to do. Although some didnt agree with you on whatever stuff you do, you didnt give up hearing what people say. You had your own stand. You kept on doing what you love to do. And the way how you kept holding onto it is just so incredible. And thats what Ive missed so much about you.

If only I could turn back time, I would take the chance to hug you tight and never let go. And appreciate you more that I did. If only. But, all i could think of is you jumping around smiling saying that things will be alright. Youre very good at that. Happying things up when things are sad and moody. You made people smile :')

Allah has his ways. What he does, there is always a better side of it. Al Fatihah.

Dude, you're my lifetime brother.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Grow Up

You must have heard kids or teens talking or posting about how their life sucks right? This are usually the ones who are called as 'emo' and stuff. They keep telling about how sucky and shitty their life is, talking bad about their parents, cursing on the teachers etc. Well eventhough some of the teens really do have problems that may cause them stress in life, but in my point of view, most of them who talk in publicly, e.g in facebook, are ones who just wants to be in the "in" group. You know, the cool group. Its like in their minds, they think that realising how awful their life is makes them one of the cool teenagers on TV.

This is what TV has done to teenagers nowadays. Showing what a teenager should do and stuff. Screaming at your parents, ditching your studies and not being responsble for what they do. Teens now tends to follow all these bad habits and do it because of what they think is cool. You can see that our schools now in Malaysia are now more influenced to the culturesin TV with the exception of the subjects being taught in English because its a good thing to the kids. And most people are complaining on this problem rather than focusing on the bad influences.

Back to the "MY LIFE SUCKS" teens who haven't seen the rest of the world yet and are just started to bloom. These kids need to know that your problems are not that bad compared to others. Have a principle in your life that there will be always more unlucky than you are and there is always someone more powerful than you are. The list goes on and on. So dont beat up on yourself. Rather than telling the whole world about your problem, just try to be calm and appreciate the life that you have. I am not trying to judgemental, but just want these kids to realise that life's a piece of paper. Do everything you can on it to make it colourful and interesting.


Sunday, May 1, 2011

Obese Obese Obese

Obesity. Its a disease which is growing and growing all around the world. There are tons of reasons how this has becoming a problem to humanity. And the most dangerous thing is, the kids are the majority of the obese group in the world. What has happened?!

Among the main reasons this is because :-

1. Kids have Video Games! Well this cant be stopped of course coz SONY, MICROSOFT and NINTENDO want their money! And kids with peer pressure from their friends who already have the consoles would definitely make their sad puupy faces to their parents asking for a PS3! And then, that kid would end up sitting on a couch playing GOD OF WAR rather than climbing trees, or playing kites or running at the park.

From sitting on a couch, imagining themselves as Mario, their hands would easily be available to grab a munch of pringles or even those salty mcdonalds french fries. Plus, they dont even break a sweat!

2. Next , parents show bad examples. This is a major cause. As most of parents are likely to work late and come back late at night, they would leave their kids to their maids etc. And these maids arent in control when theyre left alone in the kid. The kid could easily snatch a bag of twisties and sit in their room watching what the things they watch!

And when the parents have no time to think about their kid's helath, they just do the simplest thing ever to fill their bellies. Sit, Press, Order, Eat. Yes fast food delivery is the simplest thing to ease your hunger. And you know how bad are those fast foods right? If you dont know, go search on youtube. There are some gross videos you should watch.

Plus, these kids will be brought up this way and will live on with this habit. And definitely it leads to obesity and diseases that may cause death.

3. The food served at school. This is not a major cause because children do not always consume these food rather than the food at home. But they a major role as it may affect the children's performance in school. A heavy meal may make the kid to be lazy and sleepy and class. Therefore, canteens in school should be supervised to prevent this from happening.

In Malaysia, the government has done a good initiative by recording children's BMI in their report cards. Although it may sound funny, haha. Can you imagine your mom screaming " Hoi! Why'd you get an F in your BMI! " HAHAHA. But it can actually help the kids' future.

So, everyone should be aware of this phenomenon happening in our world now. It may seem small, but imagine if it continues on and on and on. Thanks for reading.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

On The Bus

Well it was a fine day like usual. Going to college and back to college.. Then on the way back from college on the bus, something happened. I was there as typical listening to music, angel and airwaves etc. When i was doozing out the window, suddenly a little chinese boy poked me in the back.

"abang, ini bus pergi damansara jaya ka?"

" emm yes"

"oooh betul eh? Saya rasa jalan mcm salah je"

Amboi budak ni, mcm die pulak power bab jalan2 ni. So then i answered

" emm yes "

Btw, that certain boy made me remember the video which was actually a commercial done by the late Allahyarhamah Yasmin Ahmad. U know, the one with that little schoolgirl and the chinese boy.

Yeah thats the video. So this boy, was on his way to damansara jaya, wearing his school shirt and his short school pants with no one with him. He was alone. I thought he was with his mother or brother or something. You know small kids arent supposed to be wandering around. It made me curious to ask him.

" Dik , U pergi damansara jaya kenapa? "

" I want to meet someone special "

" oooooh okay " -____-

Lagi la tambah sama dgn the boy in the video. Hahahaa
So this kid was on his own on the bus going to meet his girlfriend? WTH! He is like 11!
Of course on the bus , i acted liked it was sweet bla bla bla.

" Jam berapa abang? "

" Jam? "

" The time. "

Boy, u should just speak english with me man.

" Pukul 1.20 "

"oh ok"

Later on, we reached DJ. It was sizziling hot outside and i couldnt imagine anyone would want to stand in the sun. The kid went down the bus, but i stayed in for a while because my stop was just infront.

And i saw that kid, talking to the taxi driver maybe telling him directions and stuff. Man, that kid is a survivor! As the moved on, the kid was in the taxi already. Then i thought, this kid must be crazily in love with this girl. That girl should know what he's gone through. Now thats what you call love. :)